Assessment of Organisational Security Performance

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Purpose & Output

This is a basic exercise which checks perceptions of members of the organisation regarding the implementation of organisational security measures

Input & Materials

Some drawing materials or a copy of the security wheel.

Format & Steps

You may want to focus on overall organisational security performance, or one more specific aspect of your organisation's security practices such as digital security, psycho-social well-being, travel security, security in conflict zones, etc.

Step 1: Take a copy of the organisational security wheel or draw a circle and divide it into eight sections, each with a title (as shown in the diagram) to create your own security wheel.

Step 2: For each segment of the wheel,  colour in a proportion which, in your opinion, reflects the extent to which your organisation implements best practices.

Step 3: For each segment, each person should identify the barriers which are currently preventing them or the organisation in general from better observing best practices.

Step 4: Similarly, consider what the potential solutions are for each barrier or problem.

Step 5: Compare results among members of the organisations. Where is there consensus, and where are there differences? Why might that be?

Step 6: Together, try to identify areas which must be prioritised for improvement.