Acceptance, Deterrence and Protection Tactics

Strategise detail 04

Purpose & Output

In this exercise, you can further develop the new capacities you have identified as necessary to improve your security. Thinking about them in terms of acceptance, deterrence and protection strategies will help you get a sense of your overall security strategy and help you come up with additional tactics to develop.

Input & Materials

If you want to write down the results of the exercise, consider using a format like this one.

Format & Steps

Step 1: Look at the new capacities to build that you identified in the previous exercise. Consider whether each of them is:

  • an acceptance tactic
  • a deterrence tactic
  • a protection tactic
  • a combination of the above.

Step 2: Now, for each threat, consider further new tactics you could employ in order to:

  • increase tolerance and acceptance of your work among your adversaries or society in general
  • dissuade your adversaries from taking action against you by raising the cost of an attack
  • protect yourself from threats and respond more effectively to them.

Continue to expand your list of new capacities with the new ideas you come up with.

Step 3: For each of the new capacities you have identified, consider the resources (financial and material) to which you will need access in order to build these capacities.