Reflecting on Existing Security Practices

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Purpose & Output

This exercise helps you reflect on what security means to you and explore the security tactics, plans and strategies that you consciously or unconsciously have in place.

You get a snapshot of your existing practices, how they interact with each other and how you can use it as a foundation for the next steps.

Input & Materials

If you want to document the results, write the answers on a flip-chart or sticky notes on a wall.

Format & Steps

Individual reflection or group discussion

Ask yourself or the group the following questions:

  1. Think about the word 'security' or 'safety'. What does it actually mean to you? What do you need in order to feel secure or safe?
  2. What do you do every day to avoid danger and protect yourself, your property, your friends or family?
  3. When was the last time you did something which made you feel safe and strong?
  4. Call to mind an activity you carried out which was dangerous. What did you do in order to stay safe?
  5. What other people are important in helping you to feel secure or safe?
  6. What resources or activities are important in helping you to feel secure or safe?

Take note of your answers to these questions as they will be useful in later exercises and Sections of the guide and will remind you that you are not building new practices from 'scratch'.

Remarks & Tips

Colleagues or team members might feel strange talking about 'security' if there is no existing organisational culture of talking about these issues. This exercise can nevertheless be utilised to start such a process of awareness raising.

The exercise itself might start the process of generating ideas on what to improve or add to your security practices. You might want to take notes on these in preparation for Section III which deals with planning.